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Sambotech Engineering and Computer College is a collaborative network of Sambotech Group and other partners who work with a collective effort for the common good of the learning community. We operate as a social enterprise community interest company.

Our work reaches out into every corner of computer school life and includes student support, adult training, community development and embracing those who have become disengaged from learning. We support a diversity of activities and work closely with partner organisations to make integrated support and development work for the local area.

Early Child Computer Education

Adult Education

Dont Stop Believing
  • 3 Months Lab
    3 Months Lab
  • 6 Months Lab
    6 Months Lab
  • General Interactive Class
    General Interactive Class
  • Control Room
    Control Room
  • Engineering Lab
    Engineering Lab
  • Engr. Samson Odichika (Chairman) Sambotech Group
    Engr. Samson Odichika (Chairman) Sambotech Group
  • Engr. Nwofor Michael (Director of Studies)
    Engr. Nwofor Michael (Director of Studies)
  • Nduka Chioma (Secretary)
    Nduka Chioma (Secretary)
  • Mr Christopher Osakwue.
    Mr Christopher Osakwue.

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